Badam barfi ~ Almond Barfi

Badam Barfi ~ Almond Candy
This month Beyond Curries prepares visitors for the festive season ahead. The timing, I think is just right with Janmashtami, Rakshabandhan and Ganesh Chaturthi just round the corner. Isn't it?

The badam barfi I am presenting today is a regular during Navratri and Diwali in my house. I do not make large quantities at one go mainly because I do not have a wok large enough to make one large batch and secondly, I know who will eat the most! I prefer making a fresh batch every day of Navratri and upto a few days after Diwali as it remains fresh then. Do try it and let us know if you found the recipe easy to follow. This is fool-proof because you just cannot go wrong with a combination of almond/cashew/pistachio paste and sugar, right? Any difficulties? Leave a comment and we will get back asap.

Unlike most other regions, Indians do not use a candy thermometer while cooking sweets. We depend on the 'thread test' to judge the consistency of the sweet syrup. Hence it is essential to know whether you have reached the correct stage in making the candy if you want to get on with the recipe. Undercooked or overcooked syrup will give very different results so it is best in case of barfis or candies to scrupulously stick to the recipe.

Recipe: Badam Barfi ~ Almond Barfi ~ Almond Candy
Preparation Time : 20 minutes
Serves : 12-14 pieces weighing 10g each on an average
Recipe Level:Intermediate
Recipe/Post by: Sunshinemom

(Method to powder almonds and to check the consistency of sugar syrup are both given below the main recipe)


Badam Barfi ~ Almond Candy 


1 level cup, powdered almonds
A few strands of good quality saffron / kesar / zafran (Optional)
1/2 cup water
1/2 cup granulated sugar
1 tbsp. any neutral oil

Method to prepare:

  1. Powder the almonds coarsely in a coffee grinder and set aside. Recipe for preparation of almonds given below.
  2. Warm the saffron threads slightly and pound into a powder. Prepare a syrup of one thread consistency with the water, powdered saffron and sugar in a heavy bottomed vessel or wok. Recipe for syrup given below.
  3. Immediately add ground almonds and mix well as you would do with a batter till the almond paste comes together and leaves a trail in the wok, about five minutes. Use a pair of tongs to hold the wok steady.
  4. Add oil and incorporate it into the paste till the mixture forms a ball, about two or three minutes.
  5. Immediately push the almond candy onto a greased plate and pat with the greased base of a small bowl or a greased pancake turner. If the almonds sticks to the pancake turner, grease with a bit of oil and pat again till the candy is leveled.
  6. Let cool for about five minutes and etch perpendicular lines with a greased knife to form one inch squares.
  7. Cool till the barfis are no longer sticky and are firm to touch, about twenty minutes. Cut along the etched lines and remove them with the pancake turner. Best eaten completely cool.

Preparing the almonds:
Soak about120g of almonds in plain tap water for about 3hours or overnight. Skin and pat dry with a clean and dry napkin. Place in the refrigerator for a day to get rid of any moisture. I find that most recipes call for blanching the almonds in warm/hot water and skinning. I prefer the slightly more tedious method with plain water. By using the blanching method you also lose a lot of the natural sweetness of almonds apart from the probability that there will be heavy moisture retention. However you may follow the method that suits you best. After grinding check that you have 1 level cup of almonds to follow the above recipe.

The thread test:
Cook the sugar along with the amount of water stated in the recipe. After the sugar completely dissolves and becomes slightly sticky, dip a spoon. Blow as it will be extremely hot and touch the syrup in the spoon with your forefinger and press it to your thumb while still warm. If it has reached the one thread stage you will be able to draw a thread of sugar at least a centimeter when you release your thumb from the forefinger. If the thread breaks in between it shows that the syrup is still undercooked or is in the half thread stage. Cook for just a few seconds more and try. Every second counts as sugar caramelizes very fast. If there are two threads instead of one, sprinkle a few drops of water, mix and check again. 

One thread consistency yields a barfi that is firm but not crusty. It will take sometime to set. Two thread consistency will lead your barfi to become crusty or brittle. It may set very quickly but will powder quickly as well. When you touch the spoon to test, please remember that the concentration of sugar in the candy will be high and consequently the temperature of the syrup will be high as well. It is a possibility that you will burn your finger badly if you do not blow into the spoon to warm the syrup. Here is a link that has a candy chart giving the temperature equivalent of the tar/thread test. You might want to look it up if you use a candy thermometer.

Badam Barfi ~ Almond Candy

Special Notes/Tips:
  • Be careful handling the candy while testing the consistency.
  • The saffron is optional. Adding about half a teaspoon of saffron strands will give you a more yellow colour than the pictures above. I add just a few strands, about five, which gives just a light peachy hue. Some shops press halved slices of almonds into the cookies while letting the mixture set.
  • You may flavour the almonds with cardamom by blitzing seeds of green cardamom, about five, along with the almonds. I prefer the nutty flavour of almonds rather than adding anything to it.

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