Curry Leaves Pickle!

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Of the many pickles, podis and the chutneys too, Curry leaves occupies an important place in our household. Athamma is known to dish out a podi as she fancies and chutney even in lesser time than you can blink. She is really so fond of these condiments.

So it is natural that we get rubbed off that interest. When in season, we make different dishes with Curry leaves. Notably the Curry leaf podi gets most done, and then Curry leaf mixed rice then of course this pickle.

Today’s special dish is what I learnt from Athamma, her signature Curry leaves pickle!

Curry Leaves Pickle

Ingredients Needed:
Curry leaves - 2 cups tightly
Red chilies - 20 long
Methi powder - 1/4 tsp
Mustard powder - 1 tsp
Tamarind - 2 lemon size
Salt - 2 tsp
Oil - 2 -3 cups


Curry leaves - 4 -5
Urad dal - 1/4 tsp
Hing a pinch
Red chili - 2-3


Saute each of the ingredients except the seasonings, seperatly in little oil till done. Remove, cool.

Then using a mixer grind Red chili, Mustard, Methi to smooth powder.

Add tamarind, run to smooth paste.

Heat oil and season with seasoning, then finally add the paste to the pan. Saute over low flame for 10 min.

Special Notes/Tips:

This can easily stay well for 10 days, but remember to have enough oil.

The quantity mentioned yields more than 2 cups of pickles, please reduce according to your needs.

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  1. Happy Cook // 1 June 2010 at 00:08  

    I love this pickle, but have to admit have only had them in my sisters friends place. Looks really yumm. I would be happy having this rice and curde . Drool drool.

  2. Rachana Kothari // 1 June 2010 at 00:31  

    A mouthwatering pickle. Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe :-)

  3. indosungod // 1 June 2010 at 01:16  

    This is fantastic.

    Valli, the curry leaves and red
    chilies get blended in after the tamarind?

  4. Chitra // 1 June 2010 at 14:54  

    WOw, mouthwatering pickle.. I make only thogayal .. will try this for sure..

  5. Priya (Yallapantula) Mitharwal // 1 June 2010 at 20:46  

    Wow, never knew, we can make pickle out of curry leaves. What a great idea !!!

  6. Madhuri // 1 June 2010 at 23:18  

    Very Tempting Srivalli.

  7. Mriganayani // 9 June 2010 at 02:52  

    Looks awesome - I do love this pickle. But they have recently banned curry leaves here in my part of US - it seems there's some bug going on in the plants.

  8. Divya Kudua // 9 June 2010 at 08:47  

    Pickle using curry leaves..something new to me..looks delicious!!

  9. Cynthia // 9 June 2010 at 21:16  

    I've made and enjoyed curry leaf podi but never knew there was a pickle too! Thanks Sri.

  10. veggie belly // 15 June 2010 at 05:55  

    Ooooh, i love this! another way to enjoy curry leaf. i never know what to do with leftover/extra curry leaves. im going to try this.