Sometimes its easier to decide the main course menu when you are expecting guests, than the accompaniments.Usually a gravy based dish is almost mandatory, but a Roti or chapati seems to be too boring or humble to go along with heavy gravies, and Stuffed parathas makes the meal heavier if served along with Dal, Dry subzi and salad etc.(since for guests its generally an elaborate Menu). In such situations, unstuffed parathas make a good deal.Though these need some practice and patience, and some real good time too, but nevertheless makes a different than usual, and crispy, flaky accompaniment.

Lets discuss one such unstuffed wholewheat flatbread, called satpura phulka, or satpura paratha.

There are many different ways of making unstuffed paratha, and for making satpura, there are two popular, when seven layers of thin rotis are placed one above each other and re-rolled to make flaky parathas, and other one is the way given below.


Recipe: Satpura phulka(paratha) (Seven layered flaky flatbread)
Prep Time: 5-10 minutes
Cooking Time: 2-3 minutes for each paratha
Makes: in numbers 3 Parathas
Serves:2-3 people
Shelf Life: Tastes best when piping hot, turns stiff if stored
Recipe Level: Medium
Spice Level: Low
Recipe/Post by: Alka


2 cups of whole wheat flour(Atta)
Some more flour to dust the paratha while rolling
Salt to taste
Freshly crushed black pepper , or red chilly powder
Oil 2 tsp to add to the flour and some oil for drizzling over parathas


  1. Sift the flour, add oil, salt, and pepper and knead a dough using little water. Keep aside for sometime and punch the dough again to make it soft and pliable dough.
  2. Divide the dough into 3 portions, roll each one between your palms to make a round ball

  3. Photobucket

  4. Take one portion, roll it with the help of rolling pin into a thick disc.

  5. Photobucket

  6. Now with a help of a knife cut it vertically into strips at distance of about one inch (or less) each. Depending upon the diameter of roti, you can get 5-7 strips and it doesn't really matters. So don't panic if you get only 5-6 strips.

  7. Photobucket

  8. Now dust some flour over it, and drizzle bit of oil.

  9. Carefully take one strip, roll it, place the roll over second strip and roll it carefully over the first roll. Repeat till all the strips are rolled over each other.

  10. Photobucket

  11. This gives us a rolled, layered ball of dough.

  12. Photobucket

  13. Now dust the surface of rolling board with some dry flour(atta), and very lightly roll the layered ball into a thick paratha.Take care that you do not apply lot of pressure, as it will merge the layers and you wont get a flaky paratha.

  14. Photobucket

  15. Repeat the whole procedure with remaining dough and keep the rolled parathas covered (Do not keep these for long, as they will stick to each other,cook as soon as possible).
  16. Heat the griddle, place one paratha and drizzle some oil/ghee over it.Toss it , and cook on other side, pouring some oil again. Lower the flame, and cook it till tiny brown patches appear on both sides.
  17. Serve hot with any curry, dal or dry subzi or even with plain curd, its very filling , you might need just one paratha to feel "HEAVY".

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  1. Asha // 15 January 2010 at 23:39  

    WOW!! Wonderful step by step instructions with pics Alka, great post. I love making parathas by folding in many ways, but never tried this way. I will try next time. Good looking layered paratha, love the name Satpura too.

  2. Medhaa // 16 January 2010 at 00:23  

    yumm Alka, this is our best brunch with pickle and dahi. Though we do make it another way as usual but the end result is the same so who cares.

  3. Rupa // 16 January 2010 at 22:58  

    Hey thanks v much for the step by step instructions with photos...i always wondered how they make such layered parathas....secrets revealed today..thanks to u

  4. Mayuri // 17 January 2010 at 02:55  

    Nice looking layered paratha !!

  5. Vaishali Sharma (Bhutani) // 17 January 2010 at 06:49  

    Wonderful job..Parantha looks great!

  6. egglesscooking // 19 January 2010 at 00:16  

    Alka, I too have not tried this method. The parathas look great.

  7. meeso // 19 January 2010 at 04:18  

    These are wonderful, they look perfect... So tempting!

  8. Sum // 19 January 2010 at 17:59  

    This looks sooo lovely!!!
    And the pics of the process makes it so easy to understand! Thanks for a wonderful illustration...

  9. Expression ! // 30 January 2010 at 03:45  

    I definitely have to try this one.Looks very tempting.

  10. Simi // 6 February 2010 at 02:14  

    It's wonderful, Thankyou So much!!! :)

  11. smile // 12 March 2010 at 12:16  

    wow !!!! looks superb !!!!

    will try it out soon...and make my family smile...

    do let me know if it will taste the same with maida...can you ?

  12. Abraham Chacko // 17 March 2013 at 21:18  

    thanks for this alka, i have added this to my recent post on Rajma be soon published

  13. Prathima Joishy // 9 September 2015 at 22:20  

    Hi Alka - My name is Prathima - My mom made this yummy Paratha today and we enjoyed it with egg curry, mushroom curry and dal makhani. The paratha was really soft and I must say, one is enough to fill our stomach! Please give me your e-mail address so that I can e-mail you the photo. Thank you.