Do you have school going kids? Do you find it difficult to decide upon what to pack in their Lunchboxes that is not only healthy, non messy, good to taste, appetizing for your kid, easy to make, with no exotic ingredients needed to fix the dish. something that do not need to be packed carefully to avoid spills, something that tastes good even if cold (unlike maggie and noodles which turn in a hard mass after sometime).

I know many of you face the same dilemma every morning when you try to pack something different, something easy yet something that your kid will eat without making a face.

Bori is one such thing that I like to make for my kid for his short breaks at school. Readied in ten minutes, calling for only basic pantry ingredients like Wheat flour, oil and sugar, and absolutely loved by my kid, this one lands in my Kid's lunchbox very frequently.

And since this month we, at Beyond Curries, are following LESS IS MORE theme, with recipes that need six or less ingredients, this surely fits the bill...No??


Recipe: Bori (Crushed and sweetened Indian Flatbread)
Prep Time: 3-5 minutes
Cooking Time: 5 mins
Serves: 2 kids or one adult
Shelf Life: One day
Recipe Level: Basic
Spice Level: Its sweet :-)
Recipe/Post by: Alka


Wheat flour 2 cups
Pinch of salt
Oil 1 1/2 tbspn
Sugar 3 tspn (or as per taste)
Water to knead the flour
Oil 1 tsp for tempering



  1. Mix wheat flour, pinch of salt and oil and knead a tight dough using some water.
  2. Divide the dough into two balls and roll each one in a thick flat bread.
  3. Cook each on griddle (tawa) , pour little oil while tossing and cook it on medium flame till small brown patches appear on both surfaces of this koki (flatbread). Repeat the procedure for second koki.
  4. While still hot crush it in some large bowl, crumbling in between your palms, till coarse mixture is obtained.
  5. Now add sugar, and temper it with a spoon full of hot oil.
  6. Serve with papad or pickle of your choice

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  1. Supriya // 23 November 2009 at 09:42  

    This is new to me. simple, yet looks so comforting and delicious. I would love to eat this while on a long hike. Is this made on some festival food or some special occasions?

  2. Nags // 23 November 2009 at 14:26  

    i don't have kids but this one's right up my alley!

  3. Malar Gandhi // 26 November 2009 at 22:31  

    Wow, lovely picture...simply cudnt take my eyes off the monitor:)

  4. meeso // 27 November 2009 at 02:26  

    Neato, I can see why kids would love this!