Khichdi generally refers to a mishmash. In food it refers to a soft mixed mashed stew of rice and lentils with or without tempering.

In North India khichdi is a plain grainy concoction of rice and moong/masur/tuvar dal cooked soft with salt and seasoned with curry leaves and jeera. The Southern counterpart is the 'pongal' which is again rice and moong cooked soft but seasoned with roasted black pepper and jeera powder. Both the versions in their rustic forms are bland and considered ideal food when one has an attack of dysentery! Pongal or khichdi is also one of the early foods introduced to babies. It is good for the sick or aged as it does not contain fat (unless you would like to add more), and very light on the stomach. Though khichdi is simple and devoid of any glamour associated with an Indian kitchen in terms of fat or flavor you will find it gracing the menu of every Indian restaurant, but what you will get is a royal stew generously tempered with chillies, ghee (clarified butter), and heavily spiced!

Vegan Lentils,Rice Stew

Recipe: Khichdi (Lentil and rice stew)
Prep & Cooking Time: 30 minutes.
Serves: 2-3 People
Cooking Level: Beginner/Easy
Recipe/Post by: Sunshinemom
1/2 cup Raw rice (Any variety - I generally use Kolam rice)
1/4 cup Moong dal (Split dehusked green gram)
1/4 tsp Haldi (Turmeric powder)

1 tsp Jeera (Cumin seeds)
1 Tejpatta (Bay leaves)
1 tsp Adrak (Ginger) - Julienne
2 Lavang (Cloves)
1" long thin stick - 2 Dalchini (Cinnamon)
1 (optional) Lal mirch (Dry red chillies)
1 Hari mirchi (Green chillies) - slitted
1 sprigKadipatta (Curry leaves)
1tsp Ghee/Oil

Special Utensils:
A pressure cooker (May be cooked without one too)
A tempering ladle (Seasoning wok)

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Ingredients used in Khichdi


Cooking the Khichdi
  1. Wash rice and dal separately.
  2. Place in a cooker together with four times water, half the salt, bay leaves and turmeric powder for three whistles or till soft.
  3. Allow the pressure to drop naturally.
  4. The rice and lentils will be a little stewish in consistency which is just right. Mix them gently without mashing into a thick mass.
Seasoning with Spices
  1. Heat a seasoning wok with ghee/oil and when hot, add cumin seeds.
  2. Let the Cumin starts crackling, add the rest of the whole spices followed by the slit green chilli. When it changes colour pour over the stew/khichdi. Adjust salt
Serving Suggestions:
  1. This can be served with curd, papad (rice or lentil fritters), ghee (clarified butter) or pickle.
There is a saying that goes "khichdi ke chaar yaar - dahi, papad, ghee, achaar." You have to decide what best fits your taste buds! In Bihar it is considered a delicacy served with 'baingan ka bharta' (smoked eggplants).

  • You can substitute moong dal (split green gram) with masoor dal (red lentils) or tuvar dal (pigeon peas), but moong dal is preferred as it considered light.

Special Notes/Tips:
  • Fry some sliced onions, garlic cloves, a star anise, or cashews while seasoning to give it a more royal touch and you can serve it as main dish at a gathering too.
  • Using mustard oil imparts a tasty flavor but it is optional. If using mustard oil, heat the oil to smoky and cool once to get rid of its strong smell. Then reheat and use normally for tempering.
  • Consistency should be like that of a rissotto - grainy, stewish but the rice and dal should not remain separate.

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    thanks for the in depth description. it gave me some new insights...

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    Satvik and simple recipe.Khichdi looks delicious.

    Doubt - Do we need to use bay leaf while cooking rice/Dal and also as tempering spice ?

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